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Lumber Inventory Software Checklist

How to Choose the best Lumber Inventory Software: 5 Step Checklist

By: Levi

Choosing the Best Lumber Inventory Software

Investing in a new Lumber Inventory System is a big commitment. Here are 5 key things to evaluate to help you choose the best lumber inventory software vendor for your lumber organization.

  1. Ease of Use

  2. Mobile Accessibility

  3. Integrations with ERP + Accounting

  4. Fast On-boarding and Implementation

  5. Customer Support

Selecting the best lumber inventory software to invest in is kind of a big decision.

You’ll need to do a lot of research to find a solution that’s best for your company’s specific needs. When you google “lumber inventory system or lumber inventory management” you’ll find an overwhelming number of options to compare.

To help you through this process, we prepared a list of 5 things to consider when evaluating different vendors for your new lumber inventory software.

What is a Lumber Inventory Software and why does it matter?

Automating inventory management, and all the other sales, accounting, and production tasks that a lumber business does, can save your business a huge amount of time and money. But it’s impossible to assess these benefits with an outdated approach to lumber management. If you’re still using paper-based system or excel sheets to run your business, we’re here to help.

Lumber Inventory Software is important because it gives companies the tools and insights they need to effectively track, manage, and analyze their entire operation. Teams can use software centralize all their Inventory, Sales, Shipping/Receiving, Accounting, and Forecasting. And management can use the software to access key data that improves profitability and drive growth.

Ease of Use

Nobody is going to use a software that’s difficult to use. Before you invest in a lumber inventory software, make sure it’ll be easy to use for each user in your company.

Request a demo of a few lumber software’s. Do all the steps make sense right off the bat? Are the software prompts and buttons written in simple language that everyone will understand? How user friendly is the system?

Mobile Accessibility

Remote Inventory and Business Management is the way of the future, and sawmills are no exception. Everyone in your company will save a lot of time if your next lumber inventory software lets you remotely manage Physical Inventory, Shipping, Bin & location transfer, consumption, and more.

Lumber Software


A good lumber inventory management platform will enhance your existing tech stack and play well with other software’s you’re already using.

So before you invest, make sure your lumber inventory software will integrate with (or replace) your: core accounting system, ERP, Accounts Payable, and any communication tools you use.

Fast On-boarding and Implementation

You don’t want any downtime when you’re onboarding to a new lumber inventory system, so look for a software you’ll be able to start using immediately.

Tell tale signs a lumber system is easy to implement include:

  • Quick Data Onboarding Process

  • There is a clear onboarding process (ask to see examples of onboarding materials and training support)

  • Fast training (should take hours or days, not weeks or months)

  • Raving testimonials from current customers that speak to the seamless training and onboarding

Customer Support

When you have a question about your new lumber inventory software, can you call your account or support rep? Check your software providers website to evaluate the quality of customer support they provide their customers.

Ready to Purchase a Lumber Inventory Software?

We’d be happy to walk through your current systems and discuss how MillTech could help your team. Book a free demo with our team.

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