MillTech In-The-Mill Mobile Computing Solutions.


MillTech Mobile is comprised of a suite of eight in-the-mill handheld and/or tablet with scanner data collection modules.  The modules are all seamlessly integrated to the MillTech wood products inventory system.

MillTech is committed to becoming a leading supplier of wood products mobile computing software and hardware. Further to our commitment we don’t just do software we also sell and support Zebra handhelds, scanners and tag printers.


Windows CE 7.0 Handhelds and Windows 10 Tablets
The MillTech suite of modules run on any handheld running Windows CE 7.0 and is also available on Windows 10 tablets paired with long range scanners.



The modules include:        

  • Physical Inventory 

  • Shipping

  • Load and Unload Kilns

  • Load and Unload Treating         

  • Bin Transfer 

  • Location Transfer

  • Consumption

  • Staging

  • Receiving


Ease of Use
The applications are in keeping with MillTech philosophy of easy to use. Both for the end user as well as technically to operate

Zebra MC92N0 Handheld and Non Zebra Handhelds

The Zebra handheld we are recommending is the MC92N0. The 9200s give us consistently 20 to 25 feet scanning range even in bright sun light.  But you don’t have to buy our recommended handheld. If you already own Zebra handhelds or you already own or prefer other non-Zebra main stream brands running Windows CE 7.0, the MillTech mobile software will run on those devices as well.