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MillTech Technology Advantage

The MillTech System makes full use of the most current Microsoft technology in the development of the MillTech product. MillTech is written in Microsoft’s most current .NET technology; Microsoft Visual Studio.


We take full advantage of most current Microsoft programming and database tools. This allows us to make MillTech an even more powerful end user product. Especially in the area of online data query capabilities.



Utilizing the latest versions of Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft Office.

Main User Screen

Easily move between modules by use of a MS Outlook style of navigation. Each user can customize their own screen including font, font size, color, columns, justification and more.
Every screen can be previewed, printed, faxed, emailed or sent to MS Word / MS Excel

Find Screen

Powerful find screen / search engine for quick retrieval of your information. The ultimate end user data access tool. Perform add-hoc searches on all document screens. Save query searches for every one or for individual users. Each user can set up their own queries. All reports are viewable and can be easily sliced and diced by the end user. Create default searches to limit information on all major screens (e.g. only show open orders).


Full security features include user restrictions on editing; deleting, printing and opening document screens receiving, invoices etc. Use locations groups to restrict data access to locations for chosen individuals. Manage reporting by making use of report groups to organize and prevent access to sensitive documents

Multi-user / Locations

Designed for a multiple user environment. Every data-entry point updates the database in real time. Can be used as a single or multiple site system controlled by locations that appear on every document screen.

MillTech Report Writer – Microsoft SQL Reporting Services (SSRS)

MillTech uses Microsoft SQL Reporting Services report writer. Besides being free with your license of SQL, SSRS is a tremendous end user report writer. Fully integrated with the MillTech system to provide more features including bar graphs and pie charts. Watch your documents come alive with full color, graphics and structured fonts. Seamless integration to other Report writers such as Crystal.

MillTech End User Report Writing Tool – MillTech/Microsoft SQL Reporting Services Data Model

Finally a true end user report writer. MillTech starts with Microsoft’s SQL Reporting Services report writer’s End User Report Builder. MillTech then lays over top a data model or template so the end user sees their company’s terms and data in a drag and drop report writer. Even your most non-technical staff will be able to do his own reports. Your sales administrator with an hour training will be able to turn around requests for almost anything you can come up with. Most of the time in well less than an hour.

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