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Why MillTech


MillTech's User Interface:
MillTech has the lumber industry's best user interface. MillTech is an easy to use and easy to learn lumber inventory system.  It takes less than an hour to make a lumber trader proficient in the use of MillTech.


MillTech flexibility + feature rich functionality + ease of making changes + the industry’s most knowledgeable staff equals MillTech’s ability to meet lumber producer’s toughest most unique requirements. You do not have to change the way you do business with MillTech.

Ability to Modify The System Quickly by End Users  
Most changes to the system can be accomplished without program modification through configuration which is typically done by you, the end user. Also forward thinking flexibility built into the program, plus current technology allows MillTech to make programming changes in hours. You get the system your way quickly and without breaking the bank.

MillTech Implementation and Consulting Team
The lumber industry’s business system’s most experienced and knowledgeable inventory software personnel. Call on their experience to help you get the business system you have always wanted.

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MillTech Focus is on Primary and Secondary Wood Producers

MillTech customers include both hardwood and softwood sawmills, remanufacturers, hardwood concentration yards, treaters, and secondary wood manufacturers including flooring and moulding & millwork producers.


MillTech Simplifies and Automates Many Day to Day Wood Product Business Tasks
MillTech users see a number of time-consuming tasks eliminated.  Customers who have worked on our competitor’s systems say MillTech has often streamlined tasks to one step that take two or three with our competitor's systems.

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