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History of our Lumber Inventory Software

Since 2004, MillTech Inventory Management Solutions has been a leading provider of lumber inventory and sales systems to primary and secondary softwood and hardwood mills throughout  United States, Canada and New Zealand. Formerly known as ISIS Wood Product Solutions the name was changed to Milltech in 2016.


We measure our success in happy, loyal customers

The MillTech Implementation and Development Team - Best in the Business

We have assembled a team that is the strongest most experienced collection of wood products industry software development and implementation personnel in the business.


 We hire only experienced, knowledgeable people who share our vision. We all understand that a happy customer base is the most important part of the puzzle if we hope to reach our goal of becoming the dominant supplier of wood product industry business software. 


Companies often make the decision to purchase MillTech because of our willingness to work with our them to meet  their unique requirements..  All lumber producers  have quite unique requirements and because of the flexibility of MillTech and the willingness of our staff to go that extra mile we can fulfill these requirements, and do so for a reasonable buck.


Inventory Scanning Tool

MillTech Customer Satisfaction

Most Experienced and Knowledgeable Staff

We hire only strong experienced industry professionals. We believe that our customers are not only getting a software product but even more importantly the people who can assist you and your company in getting the most out of your business system.

Total Cost of Ownership

We are confident that your total cost of ownership of the MillTech Inventory System is significantly less than any comparable systems available today.

Easy to Use and Easy to Implement

MillTech was designed to be simple enough to be used by the casual user who does not want to relearn the system each time they use it.

Your sales people will be effective users after an hour training.

Current Technology

We are committed to take advantage of the most current technologies compounds the usefulness and ease of use that our users will experience with the MillTech IMS. The MillTech IMS is written in Microsoft Visual Studio.Net.

Wood Producing Company Focus

MillTech focus is on supplying lumber inventory and sales solutions to solid wood producing companies. MillTech is stronger in the mill and with production than any other software provider.

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