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How Software is revolutionizing Lumber Mills

By: Ward

What is a Lumber Inventory Software and how does it work?

Lumber Inventory Software is a computer (or phone, tablet etc.) program that mills use to effectively manage all parts of their operations. For example, a lumber software allows you to track the progress of your orders as they move through each machine center, or easiest create production orders.

In short, a lumber software gives management and employees the tools they need to manage, track, and analyze all aspects of their mill, or lumber producing company.

What are the advantages of a Lumber Inventory Software?

For a newer technology (compared to the rest of the lumber industry), the advantages of lumber inventory software’s are quite extensive. With the ability to enter volume or tagged products along with their associated costs, it makes managing inventory very straight forward. In most lumber systems, their inventory modules are easy to use and provide up to date reporting to workers and their managers.

Visibility into inventory, and overall site management is also enhanced with the use of a lumber inventory system. As tracking lumber’s movements through machines and sites over time comes built in by most software vendors. You’ll easily be able to spot inefficiencies in your process and maximize profits.

Lumber Inventory Software’s also have a profound effect on your organization’s culture, as giving control and information to each team member creates a more proactive experience rather than a reactive one. Employees will have a clear idea of the supply chain and how their work contributes to a finished product, and of course a good software provides better direction preventing inventory management problems before they happen.

Revolutionary Lumber Inventory System

Making the jump to a lumber inventory software from your paper-based forms, or maybe even excel sheet may seem like a risk, but it’s a risk to not. Moving to a secure lumber management system reduces risk of data breaches and security errors, provides more visibility into mill operations, and truly automates your inventory management process’.

The other biggest gain mill’s experience by making the jump to a robust, well developed inventory management system is time savings. Instead of manually logging where your lumber is, re-keying tally information, and tracking cumbersome product codes (that change daily if you’re in re-manufacturing), your team can put more time into doing their jobs. This clear ROI is one of the best ways to convince your site manager a system will actually make them money, not just make your job easier.

Lumber Crew

Alright I’m sold! How can I start using one?

Make a search and check out a couple systems. Figure out which one fits your business best, view our checklist on what to look for in a system. Of course you can always see a free demo of MillTech's system by visiting

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