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Maximizing Efficiency: The Benefits of MillTech's Cloud Hosted Service & Disaster Recovery Services

MillTech Cloud Hosted Service

The MillTech Inventory/Sales System is now available as a cloud hosted solution. IONOS, one of the world’s largest and most highly regarded cloud services solutions provider will host the system. IONOS besides having a reputation for being extremely reliable and secure also comes with very reasonable pricing. IONOS specializes in working with software venders like MillTech. IONOS allows MillTech the ability to offer our customers a reasonably priced world-class quality cloud-hosted alternative to having your own server over other more expensive hosting providers.

This world-class cloud hosting provider is just one part of the MillTech cloud offering. For just one monthly charge MillTech cloud hosting service includes a high level of technical expertise in setting up and maintaining the service in a way that will eliminate many of the IT issues you may experience with your current server with the added benefit that your system will be optimized specifically to run MillTech. 

Ongoing services that will come included with the MillTech cloud-hosted solution include:

Lumber Worker using ERP Service
  • Hosted by MillTech at a Leading Hosting Provider IONOS

  • MillTech Cloud Backup Service

  • MillTech technical services:

    • Hosted Server Support 

    • Security

    • Back Ups

    • SQL Database Support

    • Upgrades

    • Microsoft Office Technical Support

    • Microsoft OS support

Benefits and Features of The MillTech Cloud-Hosted Solution

  1. Scalability: Cloud-hosted ERPs offer the flexibility to scale resources up or down based on your business needs. This means you can easily accommodate growth without the hassle of purchasing and configuring new hardware.

  2. Accessibility: With cloud hosting, your ERP system is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. This is especially beneficial for businesses with remote or distributed teams. 

  3. Data Security: Reputable cloud providers like IONOS invest heavily in security measures to protect your data. They have multiple layers of security, redundancy, and disaster recovery plans in place.

  4. Cost Savings: Cloud hosting eliminates the need for investing in and maintaining expensive on-premises hardware. It also reduces the need for an in-house IT team to manage servers, resulting in cost savings. MillTech cloud hosting charges are significantly less than Azure or AWS.

  5. Automatic Updates: Cloud-hosted ERPs typically receive regular updates and patches automatically. This ensures that your system is always up-to-date with the latest features and security improvements.

  6. High Availability: Cloud providers strive for high uptime rates, which means your ERP system is much less likely to experience downtime due to hardware failures or maintenance. 

  7. MillTech IT Expertise: Expertise in setting up and optimizing the ERP in the cloud ensures that clients get the best performance and efficiency out of the system. Also less IT issues going forward.

  8. Quick Implementation: Clients can enjoy a faster deployment process compared to setting up an on-premises server. This means they can start using the ERP sooner and have updates sooner.

  9. Cost Predictability: Clients benefit from a predictable monthly cost structure, making it easier to budget for IT expenses.

  10. Tailored Support: The included technical support covers various aspects, including security, backups, and software upgrades. Clients don't have to worry about these critical IT tasks.

Disaster Recovery Services - For MillTech User’s On-Premise Servers

Utilizing the same hosting environment as the MillTech Cloud Hosting Service, MillTech now offers, at very reasonable rates, disaster recovery services including Failover Service to our on-premise MillTech customers.

MillTech Cloud Failover Service

Server failover is the practice of having a backup server (in this case a cloud-hosted server) prepared to automatically take over if the primary server goes offline. Server failover works like a backup generator. If the system running your MillTech server fails then MillTech/IONOS Failover ensures that within minutes your MillTech system will be back online. 

The MillTech Failover Service and the MillTech System Backup Service

This service makes use of established cloud technologies to provide redundant services to boost the availability and reliability of your MillTech system. When an active IT resource becomes unavailable, the MillTech Failover system or the MillTech Backup automatically transitions to a redundant or standby instance of that resource on the cloud.

Ready to upgrade your sales system? For more information about either of these services please contact us.

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